Center Point Techniques 
90 Day
Licensee Program

Center Point Techniques is the way to integrate Center Point Meditation into all of your treatments and therapies that you use.

Why would you want  to be a Center Point Techniques Licensee? 

By learning Center Point Techniques and performing a guided Center Point Meditation session (10-20 seconds) on  your clients, you can drastically change the way they feel and the way they think about their challenges.


This method allows you to analyze many aspects of your client's mental  and physical state in such a short amount of time allowing you to serve more people.  

Who is this for?

  • Chiropractors
  • ​Psychologists & Psychiatrists 
  • ​Physical Therapists
  • ​Osteopathic Doctors
  • ​Massage Therapists
  • ​Acupuncturists
  • ​Energy Healers
  • ​Everyone

Intuitive Mind Solutions shall provide to the Licensee the specified below:
  • • 90 Days Center Point Meditation (CPM) and Center Point Therapeutics (CPT) Coaching: Virtual and Live Training
  • • Access to use Center Point Meditation/Center Point Techniques Logos and branding as your own 
  • • Listed On Center Point Meditation/Therapeutics Directory
  • • Weekly zoom calls to make sure all questions are answered and everything is clear
  • • Full access to the all Center Point Online communities
  • • Access to all streaming workshops and recorded workshops free of charge
  • • Workshop training and access to available teaching opportunities
  • • Access to top tier of Intuitive Mind Solutions website to help grow your business
  • • Learn how CPM and CPT can be applied in different ways for certain different purposes.
  • • You will learn how to apply CPM and CPT in different universal forms that fit your way of MAKING A DIFFERENCE in someone’s life. 
This can be used in a professional setting or in a household where different people have different kind of tension, when they can all be helped with the same technique. This license will be a step by step format of how to get the best result and you master the professional approach of a client that will excel your BUSINESS up to 100% if you apply it in your profession. In short, all of your RELATIONS will profit. The technique by itself is simple, the way of integrating it in a useful way in your profession needs some extra work.  Integrating it is what we will teach you. 

What People Are Saying about Center Point

The tension was relieved more than once.
First by Dr. Breske in my shoulder and low back… then on my conscience
because he taught me how to use CPM for myself
Dr. Jason Richardson, Renowned Olympic Psychologist
Dr. Matthew J. Breske is the founder and CREATOR of Center Point Meditation.
I have experienced this technique first hand 2x and…mind blown! 2020 is YOUR year to Center Point the world brother.
🙏 – Dr. Ed Osburn, The Chiropractic Philanthropist Podcast, – founder of Laptop Lifestyle
This is what Dr. Melissa Longo has to say about Center Point Meditation:
“I felt like tension in my neck and shoulders melted away”
Dr. Melissa Longo, Rockstar Doctor Life Podcast

"CPM gives me a new innovative way to treat people with mental health issues. I use it to help relax before hypnosis, calm anxieties, help people with physical pain and relax the nervous system."
Joshua J Baudewijns, counselor in practical psychology, holistic mental health counselor and author of the book "conquer with your soul" (overwinnen met je ziel) 
"It helpes me to relax tension, I would recommend this to all people."
Melissa van Hout, mental health assistant
"Center Point Meditation is very easy to use and very useful for all empaths/hypersensitive people out there, to be able to have a break from all the stimulus-related stress. It has been a game changer for me to be able to change countries, learn a new language, while starting a new business. Highly recommended"
Dr. Adrian Larrain
Doctor of Chiropractic
The Center Point Techniques Licensee Program
Here we will help you get what you want! You master:
  • Successful integration of CPT and CPM in your profession and elevating  your purpose in helping others. 
  • Tripling the receptiveness and shortening treatment or pre-talk time in most types of therapy by instant relaxation. 
  • Building rapport with a client with CPM and CPT.   
  • Where does CPT and CPM fit in your practice?
  •  Introduction of what CPM/CPT means to the person in front of you (professional explanation), power point formats, whiteboard approach, and what not to say.  
  • Correct interpretation of CPM/CPT -clinical, holistic, psychological  and spiritual comprehension -clinical validations what happens in the body 
  • Right moment strategies to use in a client’s consultation  
  • Integrating planning of CPM in one’s life Learn about all the Layers in CPM field and how Center Point Techniques is the way to integrate the Center Point Meditation into all of your treatments and therapies that you use.
  • How to Explain what CPM and CPT is to your client.  (Fight flight vs rest digest,  left brain/right brain calibration)  
  • How to execute the CPM/CPT method to prevent injury to the practitioner.  
  • Extra measuring techniques, and reverse diagnoses.  
This training is very dynamic and will be very intense at certain moments.  It will be taught virtually due to the current situation in the world, but live teachings will be available in the future.  
Center Point Meditation possesses knowledge that has been forgotten in this world.  We are just at the beginning stages in bringing this ancient wisdom back to the people.  

We have a limited number of licensees we can teach, so the availability will be limited. There will also be an application process, in order to become a Center Point Techniques Licensee. When we reach 10 students we may wait up to 6 months before we teach another class.  
Appreciation to you all and always stay relaxed everybody,

Dr. Matthew J. Breske
Doctor of Chiropractic
Founder of Center Point Meditation, Center Point Techniques
CEO Intuitive Mind Solutions